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Live DJ Request System

This area is for the sole purpose of live requests, when a live DJ is on air. Making requests here have no affects on our Auto DJ system whatsoever.

Enter Your Song Request Here:


How it works

NAME: is where you put a name which identifies you as the person requesting a song. Most of the time if you are already using our live chatroom the request box will already assign you a name in the name box, base on the name you have in the chatroom and the DJ also can recognize you as the person in the chatroom.

EMAIL: You do not need to fill out the email section as it is by no means necessary, but will be automatically filled as you have it in the chatroom. Do not mess with this field as it may affect your avatar in the chatroom.

MESSAGE: This field and the Name field are the only 2 important fields in this section. The Message area is where you will type in your song requests or send the DJ a private note to catch his/her attention. Be very cautious when sendind private notes as all CSR DJs have access to the notes sent here.

REQUESTS: all song requests should be entered in the "Message" field using the following format:

Artist Name - Song Title - (Dedications or Message if any is to be announced).
E.g. "Elvis Presley - Jail House Rock - going out to everyone in the chatroom"
or simply "Elvis Presley - Jail House Rock".

Once you entered your request hit "Enter", Your request will disappear which indicates it has been sent. If it does not disappear it means the request system is not recognizing your name, in the name field, you can fix this by adding number at the end of your name in the name field.

NOTICE: Please be patient as it not legal for a DJ to play your requests as soon as he/she receive it, but he/she will get to it as he/she has to find the right placement to add your track in his/her playlist, without disrupting the flow of music. Please ask the DJ or listen to hear from the DJ, if he/she is taking requests defore submitting your Request.


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