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Dear Shiner (Listener),

Thank you for choosing Caribbean Shine Radio as your favorite Station to listen too. We love you and consider you as family, but sadly as you know or may not know, to maintain our station there is a cost that management must endure.

By clicking on the donate button, this shows your appreciation for what our station is doing for you as a shiner. Please note all donations will be used to keep the radio station alive and going. Keeping the station alive means paying all its bills, licenses, broadcast fees, development fees, software fees and any fines the station may encounter while trying to provide you with the best services it can.

If you wish to proceed and donate a token of appreciation then click on the Donate button below. If not then close this tab which will return you to the previous window. All donations of this nature are done via PayPal.com and must be sent to Jay Harvey the Station's Owner using email address:


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